Dim Stars: The Object

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Released by Network Central: You're purchasing a printed sketchbook proving alien life. Unfortunately, the government found out about this sketchbook and stopped production.

This book is about a boy being taken or willingly went on an alien spacecraft to another planet. He observed the planet and drew it in his sketchbook. Returning to Earth, the U.S. Government found out that proof of alien life was contained in this sketchbook and has been trying to find and conceal this information.

The Network, a group of individuals who has been keeping the sketchbook safe and were able to print 171 copies. An unknown lone Network Operative hidden in a basement of an abandoned house, was able to quickly type up the story of the sketchbook and bind it with the known copies.

The Dim Stars: The Object sketchbook was created for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook project. It tells a story of a distant planet and seeking an energy source.

Please visit: https://www.dimstars.com.

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Known Specifications:

• Printed Edition of 171
• 6" x 9"
• 48 pages
• Saddle Stitched
• Coated Metallic 'Ice Silver' 110# Cover Stock
• 100# Interior Color Pages
• SPECIAL Holographic Authenticity Badge
• Numbered and Signed


Publication © 2023
All artwork © Scott Bakal
Printed in the United States by SmartPress


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